Meaningful patient engagement.

MDbackline's patent-pending artificial intelligence automates personal and comprehensive follow-up care for each patient.


Targeted outreach to patients generates the right data at the right time

Individualized evaluations provide detailed and relevant feedback

Flagged response alerts help staff manage follow-up contact


EHR integration enhances documentation

Streamlines workload with 30% reduction in post-appointment phone calls improves workload

Industry-sponsored research and quantified patient satisfaction increase revenue and reimbursements




Multimedia patient education and coaching tailored to specific treatment plans

Self-directed online learning resolves 90% of patient inquiries

Physicians learn to improve care with real-time outcome reporting

Make better use of your time. 

Doctors can feel secure knowing that patients will receive the attention and information crucial to successful treatment outcomes and satisfaction.

Administrative efficiencies and low-impact, automated follow-up care allow doctors more time for high-quality face-to-face patient care. 

Research opportunities provide both revenue and unprecedented insights on treatment outcomes. 


More than just a patient portal. 

  • Deep dive into patient care experience comprehensively covers meds, symptoms, side effects, interactions, treatments status and overall satisfaction

  • Accurate data for evaluating individual and group treatment plan outcomes

  • Informed Consent and Meaningful Use attestation improves documentation and CMS compliance

  • Satisfied patients are prompted to report their experiences online at Google+, Yelp, Vitals, Healthgrades and other social media sites.

Unparalleled security and value. 

MDbackline's secure, SSL-encrypted, HIPAA-compliant platform provides demonstrable value to practices. Current MDbackline practices enjoy a net annual financial gain from increased revenue and cost savings in areas including improved online marketing, research revenue, time savings, and documentation.  


80% patient response. 

“Very informative; thank you!”
”Easy survey. It helped me!”
”...simple and to the point.”
”You guys are the BEST!!!”
— Feedback from patients to MDbackline doctors