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Patient empowerment. 

MDbackline gives follow-up care to patients when and where they need it.

The first crucial steps in both patient empowerment and patient safety efforts are information and education.
— The Empowered Patient Coalition

Personal, comprehensive evaluation modules. 

MDbackline reaches out to patients before and after their appointments to dive deep into their conditions and experience. Inquiry modules adapted to each patient's situation collect feedback on personal treatment plans, including medications, comfort, and overall care experience. Responses requiring intervention from the physician are flagged and prioritized in MDbackline for staff attention. 

Self-directed learning. 

MDbackline provides a platform for customized multimedia learning materials. Critical topics for each patient are initiated by the doctor and generated by assessment results, and are highlighted for patient convenience. Additional resources, information and suggestions are always conveniently accessible as needed. 

Better communication. 

MDbackline facilitates secure two-way communication between the patient and the doctor. Patients are invited to ask questions and provide feedback on their experiences. Doctors and practices are alerted when patients have questions or their feedback requires staff action. 

Custom reports are created from patient feedback and entered into patient records, reducing repetition and giving patients and doctors more time to discuss new issues during future visits. Offices can use aggregate patient data to improve service and outcomes for everyone.